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Can the Strait Meat Honker be my only call?

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I looking to buy a used foiles smh and I am wondering if it can do everything. By everything I mean I hunt in a field and I want to call geese into my setup. Some are fly-bys and others are already comming into the X. I need 1 call to do it all cause I live on a teachers salary and things are tight. I do however have a few bucks saved in my goose call fund. What do you think?
Also if anyone has a smh for sale cheap, shoot me a pm!
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I also live on a teachers salary just so happens I am addicted to goose calls, lol, But I would say that the SMH could do everything that you need it to and more, great call. Now if you are looking to hit the contest stage I would suggest something else, but as a hunting call, great, you wont take it off your lanyard any time soon. :thumbsup:
I have always heard really good stuff about GK, but have never blown any of their calls. Everytime im in the market I can never find one. Brent what stores usually carry their stuff? Id like to try some before I go and blow another 160 bucks and end up hating the call (Daisy Cutter). lol :thumbsup:
I do like Foiles calls, I think they are great entry level calls, but now that im working my way to some comps im going to get away from them. The only call that I blow right now for everything is my market hunter. What are your feelings on their Comp Killer? Sounds great when Wade is blowing it. I am about 95% I am gonna get the Grounds/Powers triple crown in the next few weeks. But I def want to try some of their stuff out. One of my biggest problems with the foiles calls has been the difference in barrel size to insert size. I am really starting to feel that the response is not what I want and need a bit more, as well as, alot of notes I feel are inconsistent with Foiles especially some of those finesse notes and the call breaks just a bit to easy, even after I retune the crap out of it. Thanks for all the info any thing else you can let me know would be great I appreciate it. :thumbsup:
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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