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Can the Strait Meat Honker be my only call?

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I looking to buy a used foiles smh and I am wondering if it can do everything. By everything I mean I hunt in a field and I want to call geese into my setup. Some are fly-bys and others are already comming into the X. I need 1 call to do it all cause I live on a teachers salary and things are tight. I do however have a few bucks saved in my goose call fund. What do you think?
Also if anyone has a smh for sale cheap, shoot me a pm!
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SMH is a great call. I think you will be happy with it. Good thing about buying a used call off of a classified forum is if you don't like it, you can turn around and sell it again for close to or what you bought it for, or trade it for something else. I would suggest you get one and try it. Like others have said, each call fits each person differently. One thing I have found is no matter what call you buy, or how much it costs, you have to tune it to your liking. I have a SMH and love it, but my go to call that I will flat wear out in a season is my HPH. There are soooooo many good calls out there, you just have to find one that fits you. The only way to do it is try them out, but I know it is hard to do on a tight budget. Hope that helps. Good luck. :beer:
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