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Can the Strait Meat Honker be my only call?

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I looking to buy a used foiles smh and I am wondering if it can do everything. By everything I mean I hunt in a field and I want to call geese into my setup. Some are fly-bys and others are already comming into the X. I need 1 call to do it all cause I live on a teachers salary and things are tight. I do however have a few bucks saved in my goose call fund. What do you think?
Also if anyone has a smh for sale cheap, shoot me a pm!
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brent4hire said:
If you're comfortable with it, why not.

I only run one call when I hunt. .
First off I am not comfortable with it because I dont have it yet. I'm looking to buy a call that will handle MOST situations and practice with it until next season. Since money is tight, I can only buy one call at this point and it will probably be used. Ive searched tons of posts and most people like the SMH and say its easy to use. Others love the Money Maker. If I had a place to try them I would but Cabelas is 2 hours away and the last time I went there they didnt have a smh or mm in the case to try.

Secondly, what is the one call you run when YOU are hunting?
I just bought a Lynch Mod Slipknot. I think this is going to be a great call for me.
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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