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Can the Strait Meat Honker be my only call?

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I looking to buy a used foiles smh and I am wondering if it can do everything. By everything I mean I hunt in a field and I want to call geese into my setup. Some are fly-bys and others are already comming into the X. I need 1 call to do it all cause I live on a teachers salary and things are tight. I do however have a few bucks saved in my goose call fund. What do you think?
Also if anyone has a smh for sale cheap, shoot me a pm!
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If you're comfortable with it, why not.

Here's a newsflash for ya - even if you have a call that is biochemically designed to match your dna with that of a goose's and make you spit down out the end of the insert, not every goose that you blow at is gonna work into your'S that simple. I consider myself a decent caller, and they don't all come in. That being said, the this call / that call debate should really only come down to what you can comfortably run and get goose vocabulary out of. If you are comfortable running only a SMH, then why not - you will get some birds to commit with it, you fail to get all to commit with it.

I only run one call when I hunt. Because I prefer higher pitch and the option for more volume, I would never run a SMH - that and I simply don't like the sound, response, or fit of that call. My view is simple - if you can run a high call well, you can get it low when needed. If a call has volume, it's there when needed, but you can quiet it down if you have too. If I was going to run only one call from the Foiles stables, it would probably be a HPH. If you're happy with the feel and sound of your SMH, and you're content with your respults, why not.
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Charles said:
brent4hire said:
If you're comfortable with it, why not.

I only run one call when I hunt. .
First off I am not comfortable with it because I dont have it yet. I'm looking to buy a call that will handle MOST situations and practice with it until next season. Since money is tight, I can only buy one call at this point and it will probably be used. Ive searched tons of posts and most people like the SMH and say its easy to use. Others love the Money Maker. If I had a place to try them I would but Cabelas is 2 hours away and the last time I went there they didnt have a smh or mm in the case to try.

Secondly, what is the one call you run when YOU are hunting?
GK Little Giant. The Canuck would be my second choice.
You'll find the line in a lot of smaller stores - there is going to be a concerted effort to make the calls available in larger scale sporting goods stores this year, but the easiest way to find out is to email Bob and ask what's available in your area, or if there are any staffers around you if no stores in your area carry them yet.

The GK's have a pretty straight-forward fit. Since you appear to like FMI calls, I would liken the GK insert shapes most to that of the HPH - a tapered mid, but not overly large. The barrels have a very comfortable mouth fit, and are a tighter, straight bore, making them extremely responsive without being too easy to break. This doesn't mean they are hard to run, and certain models require less pressure than others, but it means there's a great balance between the pressure and air. One of my issues with Foiles calls is the barrel-bore is large - generally straight-bored, but large air volume. This is not a great mix for my calling style - I find it makes finesse notes more challenging to do. Honestly, I cannot see you not liking a GK, but then again, the original Giant Killer model doesn't really appeal to me, so that's really something you'd have to see for yourself. :thumbsup:

Bob will be away for a few days at the shows on the west coast, but I'm sure he'll get back to you once he's back at the shop. :thumbsup:
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SPatrick said:
I do like Foiles calls, I think they are great entry level calls, but now that im working my way to some comps im going to get away from them. The only call that I blow right now for everything is my market hunter. What are your feelings on their Comp Killer? Sounds great when Wade is blowing it. I am about 95% I am gonna get the Grounds/Powers triple crown in the next few weeks. But I def want to try some of their stuff out. One of my biggest problems with the foiles calls has been the difference in barrel size to insert size. I am really starting to feel that the response is not what I want and need a bit more, as well as, alot of notes I feel are inconsistent with Foiles especially some of those finesse notes and the call breaks just a bit to easy, even after I retune the crap out of it. Thanks for all the info any thing else you can let me know would be great I appreciate it. :thumbsup:
LG-1 is my favoite sounding hunting call.

CK-II is my favorite comp call.
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