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Beautiful morning with a light south wind and an overcast sky.

Saw several 6-8 size groups of Mallards flying early in the morning (before legal time) but by shooting time we were only visited by 2-3 Hooded Mergansers.

Waited in the blind from 7-9:00 without seeing any other birds when my buddy and I got up to stretch and I noticed 2 Mallards floating across the lake toward our spread. Gave a few calls and within 10 minutes they were swimming in the decoys. Told my buddy to wait until he saw the whites of their eyes as I knew these were going to be the last (and only) ducks of the day. My buddy took the green head (his first) on the water and I shot the hen right after she took off.

All in all a good hunt but it would be nice to see a few more birds moving around.
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