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harvey1b said:
I have a lab that is just under a year old. ...
it sounds like you are getting the results you are looking for. however, albeit late, i would like to add a couple of things to the great advice you have already received.

first, the part of your original post that i quoted above is one of the most important things to consider. this sounds to me a lot like immaturity in your dog. (not an insult) all puppies are curious about the new world around them. that being said, it seems more like this is an obedience issue. imo, there are good dogs and then there are great dogs. good dogs do what you want them to when they want to. great dogs do what you want them to when they don't. my guess is that she doesn't take you as seriously in the "field" as she does the backyard or duck blind. i can assure you, dog's are like kids, they will get away with whatever they can whenever they can. you may have (inadvertently) given the dog a reason to believe that she has more freedom in that field than the other locations. the dog needs to respond to your commands regardless of time/place/reason.

my advice, put the dog on a lead. even if it's nothing more than a nylon string or parachute cord. use single commands and plenty of reps to get the dog to do exactly what you want. don't give an inch with this. make it sit/stay/heel/etc and when the dog can do everything without any tension on the lead at all, then pull it off and go through the same drills. good luck...
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