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check cord retrieving ?

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Hey Guys,
My four month old lab was doing really well retrieving puppy bumpers but started to want to take off with the bumper instead of bringing it back to me. Now I only throw bumpers when he's on the check cord. Sometimes he brings them back pretty well but other times he gets interested in playing with the slack in the cord between me and him and drops the bumper to play with the cord. What do I need to do to correct this ?
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swampbilly 1980 said:
I think you may be expecting too much at this point. At 4 mos. your pup is ready for some learned diciplinary behavior :yes:
While it is good that you are doing bumper work with him, he may not have learned everything he needs to know in O.B...He's still a pup,..get some birds in his mouth.

He's taking off with the bumper because he's a pup, and he doesn't understand HERE! yet. :beer:

You didn't tell him the most important thing to any training regiment....
swampbilly 1980 said:
take your dog behind the woodshed and whip his little arse
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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