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Christmas break was too short

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Hey guys, I was home for about 10 days on Christmas leave which wasnt nearly long enough. I hunted our usual spots for the first half and then we obtained a new spot that was better than anything ive ever seen. We had to be seeing 20,000 geese a day, i was amazed. I really wanted to get together with some guys on here to hunt but we got that new spot and it wasnt my place to invite people. Regardless, I just thought I would share some of our pictures. I think our total for the time I was home was around 160 honkers. If duck hadn't closed right when I got back we would have had at least that many greenheads. Every day we had hundreds of them within 20 yards, and frequently had them landing in our decoys and all we had out we goose dekes. Shot one honker that had a white ring around its neck which i thought was pretty interesting, theres a picture of it below.

heres the highlight of the one day
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Almost forgot, my little sister whos in some of those pictures got a new pup while I was home, and he is showing a lot of promise. Having zero training he was already retrieving the fake goose after being in the house for 2 days, and he sure loved the taste of the real ones.

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nope wasnt me. we were out near aurora. i heard about the naperville thing tho.
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