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Auctioneer, it was Wide Wide World hosted by Dave Garroway and was aired on Dec. 23, 1956 with a live hook-up to New York.

The birds weren't baited but they were all run out of the timber at a prescribed time and broadcast live. A lot went into it and was estimated that there were between a quarter million to 350,000 ducks on the open reservoir. Most all Mallards.

We hunt around it now and I regard Johnny Riley as a friend and legend. I've been blessed hearing a lot of stories from him as well as some of the others in the area. I always enjoy dropping in and sharing a cup of coffee. Have had the privilige of hunting there four times and is certainly hallowed ground. It always has ducks and we hold a lot of birds in the area as well with lot of the nearby clubs, including my L'Anguille Lounge, that don't shoot in the afternoon. We usually don't have to!
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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