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Hello, my name is Philip Watson. I am a college student attending Florida Atlantic University. I am from Minnesota and am here for college. I came to Florida to go into Ocean Engineer.

I duck hunted all the time back home with my buddies and my brothers, and hearing last falls numbers my buddies and brothers shot back home and the great memories they made without me got me wondering about trying to hunt down here.

I was wondering if someone would be willing to take me out. I don't need to hunt at all just help out and experience for now. If needed i would need a license and everything. But if someone is interested that would be great.

Also if someone would be willing to take me out i could arrange a hunt for you or a small group in MN- prime hunting if you wanted.

Thanks everyone,

Phil Watson.

I am 18, i have hunted since i was 12- deer, duck, geese- on water and field- have experience in shooting very well and am a wise hunter with resons to be.
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