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Compound bow combo

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$600 ....what compound bow combo do you buy and why...(it's for me) ... :smile:

I should add I want something where I could walk out the door and shoot a deer

I guess what I am saying is could you throw some names out there and I will check them out and go shoot them at my local store ....
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I would look at mission it's a mathews affordable line that has most of the mathews features w/o the mathews price. Just get good arrows CT whitetails white label you can get them for 50 buck a half dozen. i'd get a basic copper john sight 65 bucks. no stabilizer necisarry but the limbsaver s coill is good for 20 bucks rest is a matter of opinion I prefer drop aways but thats just me.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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