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Compound bow combo

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$600 ....what compound bow combo do you buy and why...(it's for me) ... :smile:

I should add I want something where I could walk out the door and shoot a deer

I guess what I am saying is could you throw some names out there and I will check them out and go shoot them at my local store ....
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Parker makes good bows. I think you can get an extreme ultralight 31 with site rest quiver and a dozen arrows for that price. It shoots around 285 fps and is very light and sturdy. Also the new Parker Blackhawk is a very good high end bow. It will rival many of the overpriced fancy bows.

If I had to buy a top of the line expensive bow it would be a Switchback, just because there is no denying the smoothness of a Mathews. The Drenalin has alot of limb problems and customer service at Mathews is very bad. Parker customer service is the best in the archery buisness. Also look at Bear. The Truth 2 looks interesting and other than some small problems with the Truth 1 it looks like a good setup. The Bear bows come outfitted just like a Parker with all the stuff you need to go hunting and they are made to hunt. Not target bows with camo paint.

I left out bows over your price because thats what you gave us to work on. The best advice is go to an archery shop with a range and shoot the ones you like. Not just the fastest ones but a couple of different ones you can afford. Make sure you include the cost of components when you shoot them. Each guy is built different and bows will feel different to each guy. Some guys like Hoyt I have shot a bunch and they dont feel like they are fitted to me.

That and they look like a spaceship with strings.
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