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Ok fellow hunters, have you seen the price of ammo lately, I have been looking for some cheap 5.56 for my AR, plinking time, and there just any to be found, well I stumbled upon this... ... _07-20.pdf

Ok so thats not bad, we are selling stuff to them, ok, but remember We are giving them the money to pay for what they are buying from us. Then, we spent a crap load of money for contractors to blow up all the ordanance we found there. This also doesn't include the DOD allocation of 6 Billion rounds of small arms (20mm and smaller) that was allocated for FY07. So there you have it. man I just want to rant but this isnt the place to do it I suppose. I just wanted to share the above. 600,000 Buck Shot rounds wow Hopefully it will kind of make you think a little

Happy plinking
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