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Crow hunting

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We do alot of crow hunting around here do ya'll.
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We can but mostly I opt to shoot them when they invade the fields we are hunting for ducks and geese.
When you crow hunt do you use a call and decoys or just a call or an owl decoy? Do you use any of the decoys that look like a crow?

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Ive never been, but someday I'd like to go........

By the way, what do y'all use to hunt them pests with?

I went & got some of those styrofoam dove decoys from flambau & spray painted them flat black. They have that clip on the bottom of them so you can clip it on the brush on the ground or on tree branches. These only cost like $1.99 & they will make a difference. We use an electronic caller for calling most of the time when more people go to help carry the decoys caller. Some our walks are a half of a mile.
Callem, what shot size you been using? #5 and larger standard field loads?
Hey i think it is illegal in utah to hunt crows but i would love to go shoot those stupid varmints

Never actually been crow hunting. I bet it would be fun, and you'd get some good shooting practice. Sometimes when the duck hunting is kinda slow, they'll fly over our dekes, and well, you know the rest. :hammering:
we hunt them and use #6s.
an electronic caller is definitely the way to go.
we have just used mouth calls so far.
that caller costs money and crow hunting takes a backseat to duck hunting.

I hear ya buddy! :thumbsup:

Down here we call them black geese. We go to a field and setup about a dozen decoys around an owl decoy and play a crow and owl fight.....brings them damn things diving. We have contests to see who can hit the most on the dive and man....they are HARD to hit. It's fun though especially on a slow duck day....crows are always around and willing to get shot at! :yes: :laughing:

We also throw our animal carcasses that we get from trapping over a real steep hill on a state peice by the river which they travel alot to get to fields and what not and once they see the carcasses they dive in. We give them about 2-3 hours and then come back out and walk over the hill and blast away!! :thumbsup:
But what do y'all use to hunt 'em with?

Shotguns, rifles, ?

I dont know if u call it hunting but we exterminate crows by sticking a silenced .22 out the back window and picking em off in the back yard.
:withstupid: I do the same thing except with a pellet gun!! They get in our yard and eat our dog's food so I took my screen out and I plink 'em off.

AlaskaRedneK- You can hunt them with about anything you want. I hunt them with mostly Shotguns and Pellet guns but if I want to see if my scope is on then I will use a rifle on them.
I think ive heard of guys using their Varmint rifles to whak them boogers! :mrgreen:

I have heard of people using a .223 or a .243 . Not me I use a shotgun #7' or #71/2 . What ever is left after dove season will work though.
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