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Crunch time for CWA and Dedicated funding!!!

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Well there is a shot it could be passed yet this session, so we all need your help right now--make the call ASAP to your Rep at the legislature about HF 826 which is the Clean Water Act and contains the Dedicated funding in it with a citizens oversight.

Here is how to find your rep if you do not know who it is and how to get in touch with them.

Please also email/call your friends and relatives too to contact their Rep, so they too can contact their Rep. Lets get this passed! We need EVERYBODY to contact their Rep AGAIN.

This is the email I just received from my Rrep:

Dear Alan,

I think we will be able to get this heard on the House floor. There is starting to be opposition forming against the bill that we are trying to work around.

We will do everything we can to pass this bill this year. It has already been a long fight and I think that the worst part is coming.

I appreciate your taking the time to write to me and I value your support.



Joe Hoppe
State Representative
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