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For Current & Updated Related Info, go to:


DE General and Specific Laws and Codes Under Titles:
Conservation Title 7 :

USFWS Migratory Birds Title 50 Part 20: ... 20_02.html

Waterfowl Bands& Banding:

Waterfowl ID: ... m#contents

Ommelanden Training Center and Shooting Range:

For shooting info click on:
Ommelanden Hunter Education Training Center Schedule

From time to time, there are legality issues brought up regarding waterfowling. If anyone has a SERIOUS QUESTION or would like some info / input pertaining to same, please feel free to ask and I will attempt to answer, clarify, or direct your inquiry to the appropriate authority.

DISCLAIMER: Though I keep current with Laws and Regs as much as possible, they can change at unspecified times throughout the course of the year and MAY BE INTERPRETED SUBJECTIVELY by the regulating agency, area, command, and enforcing officers. KEEP THIS IN MIND AT ALL TIMES!

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