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The state of Iowa DNR, Congress, and other political party's are trying to increase the amount of deer tag's issued for the 2005 season's, by 100,00 tag's. I've heard that they are going to make it now when you get your tag, you pay $5.00 more for the tag, and you get to shoot an extra anterless deer. I've heard alot of mixed report's on this topic, anywhere from people are irate about it they don't think there is enough deer, and that it's the best idea the DNR has had in a while. If they would ptu more emphasis on shooting doe's instead of smaller buck's, it would definitley even the buck/doe ratio out and make for better hunting during the rut, and with letting them smaller buck's walk by for a couple year's they won't be small anymore. I would just as soon shoot a doe, as to a four, or six point basket rack, you really don't want to get any head mount's of a basket rack.(IMO) :thumbsup:
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