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I have 11 full body grand magnums, for sale or trade, I paid $25.00 for each. They work great if you have a way of getting them into the field, I have to walk into the fields around here and they are too big for me, am trying to trade or sell for $15.00. willing to trade for flambeau diver decoys, or smaller flambeau full bodies
Also have water keel pintails, wood ducks, mallards, most are already rigged. want $1.75 each for those, willing to trade for flambeau divers
"will give you a good deal"

The decoy's that I have are water keel Pintail drakes 3 rigged
Pintail hens 2 rigged

Pintail hens 2 not rigged (7)

Wood duck Drakes 4 rigged
Wood duck hens 4 rigged

Wood duck hens 2 not rigged (10)

Mallard drakes 3 not rigged
mallard hens 5 notrigged (8)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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