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Forget deer hunting.... sitting in a tree being bored and freezing my but off isn't the funnest thing I could think of doing... I guess waterfowling is just in my blood. I have one weekend left of my ND liscense, so we are going out there to do a little field hunting.... heading out sunday, mon, tues.

Went out this am and had about 5000 geese in the field we were in........ mallards too, but they wouldn't committ. Shot our 4 birds... 2 with bands.... making this years total for bands at 5. Great hunt big honkers, but boy are they hard to bring down.

The migration is defienetly on.... I would project that the weekend of the 13th will be a great weekend for you boyz in southwestern minnesota. The geese are on the way...... sorry I am educating them for you though :smile: For get the spinner too unless you have about 4 of them out...... ducks have been there and done that........ we took the spinners down this am we had two, and it was too late but flocks finally started to decoy.

good luck to all you deeer hunters.... get a big one!
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