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DHC Million Thread almost has 30 Million views...

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FYI... 😁 we are like 935510... (y)
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That last pic should be framed on your wall. (y)
“ Mike, that there is an RV. Ain’t she a beaut? And don’t be thinking I’m leaving her here when we pull out after duck season “
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Classic. (y)

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I'm thinking if we all pitch in and get RatCreek some monster mud tires and a lift kit for his Honda Ridgeline we might get an invite.

This is the best I could do. Oddly, there is not a lot of demand for lift kits and monster tires on metrosexual vehicles. :unsure: But the seat and steering wheel warmers are delightful. 🤗

Besides, when I go with my friend to his land and the Walk-in-Hunting around it, south of Hayes, KS, we only go when it has been dry or is frozen solid. Those dirt roads turn into a greasy mess and we do not like to get our pampered vehicles dirty.
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Our September teal opener is still two miserably long weeks away from today,
As the official parasite lure, I cannot imagine a more miserable hunting experience than to be covered in DEET, filling my boots with sweat, and still getting devoured by everything that bites and sucks blood. 😭

I will sit out the teal season and wait for mid-October to go to the club to begin the Get Ready process.
You can have mine too. I hate the way they make funny noises bobbing their head around.
Are we still talking about ducks?
More for me!!!
Rick, I do not know where you are located, but I am happy to report I saw the first big group of teal this morning while walking the pooch at sunup at the Lake of the Ozarks in central Missouri. Heard that familiar whoosh, looked up and fifty teal came bombing down over the wooded hills to buzz the lake.(y)
Been in multiple airports this week traveling; Denver wins the award for most people still wearing masks: 10%-15%.

Reno wins for the most people who look like they are dressed to hike up a mountain.
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Best 7 seconds of her life!

As my friend puts it- I may take a while to get it up, but I finish quickly. 🥒
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I give it 3 weeks before you start saying "Y'all" on the regular.
Three weeks? Is he a slow learner?

Y'all and the the plural All Y'all should become common vernacular for all red blooded Americans inside or outside of Texas. They are great terms.. 👍 👍
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Yaay. After only a four month wait (Let's Go Brandon), we have new countertops installed. We are living in bizarre times.

And apparently, the railroad unions will not be going out on strike which would have led to a run on all things from gasoline to toilet paper....again.
I'm down almost $250,000 in my 401K since Creepy Joe took office. Pisses me off to no end.
I am refusing to look because I am certain my numbers are similar if not worse. But worry not, Creepy Joe and the communists were partying like rock stars over the passage of the Hyper Inflation Act. 🤬

And the useful idiots will blame Putin. o_O
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I really don't mind the funny dog noises either, they are pretty entertaining during the slow stretches. Now the howling and barking that echoed through the marsh when we were setting-up decoys in the dark is another thing altogether. :cautious:

One of my hunting partners had a lab that had to be tied up while we tossed decoys in the wooded pothole or it would try to retrieve every tossed block. Sounded like the dog, tied to a tree, was undergoing torture as we set-up.

Another partner joked that - You can barely hear her in the bottoms.:whistle:

As the incessant barking, yelping and howling echoed throughout a fifty mile radius. :oops:
6"??? I am only two inches shorter than a bull!! Can't wait to tell the old lady. :sneaky:
It is all a matter of perspective you wild stallion you!!!
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Buenos Dias. :coffee:

With a little luck, we will get our first taste of fall tomorrow (Thursday) when our daytime high will be in the upper 60s. Here in KC, even in late September, we have had mid to upper 90s everyday (several 100+ days through the summer) and that heat began in mid-May. Enough already.
Full swing into the duck blind rehab and getting them prepped. The opener is less than a month away!!! I’m hoping I’ll get two days a week to hunt this season. I miss being self employed.
We are about to embark on the same thing. The debate will be to pump or not to pump. Seems every time we go through all the effort of dragging in the pump, getting the heavy suction hose placed and then pumping for three straight days, a rain event occurs. And as we are in a flood easement for the Corpes of Engineers (a little Barack Hussein Obama pronunciation there), we then go into scramble mode to get the pump out before flood waters ruin the pump, and in five minutes, the flood does what took us three days to do.

Ahhh the joys of duck hunting.
I'm a pretty social person, but when it comes to waterfowl hunting, I hate other human beings.
Thankfully, we have a private club, but trust me, the guys just to our west make it feel like public hunting. They will have a dozen people for the opener and no shells will be left unfired. They will light up 200+ rounds.

About ten years ago, I hunted the walk-in land on the pheasant opener for the last time. What a disaster of inconsiderate and even unsafe hunting. The rule is first to the field, gets the field, but that goes by the wayside when a group arrives just at shooting time to find they have nowhere to hunt. Then they race to your flank, and rather than hunt the field, walk/jog through it, putting themselves in direct line of fire. There are so many stories like this from others, I have decided it is not worth the stress nor risk of dealing with idiots on public access, on an opening day.
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Here ya go, Dep6. Second load, forgot to photograph yesterday's:
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You know there is a TV show calling your name. (y)
Granted I have not been to a public duck hunting spot in fifteen years, but I guess I am surprised the pressure is still heavy. Back when this 60 year old was a kid, several dads in our neighborhood (and all neighborhoods) hunted. I would be surprised to find another hunter in a half mile radius today, so where are all these folks coming from? I do not doubt they are there as my partners and I were those losers showing up at 4am to get in a long line at the check-in station, and we still rarely landed a choice spot in the marsh as others arrived well before us. :confused:
Miss Piggy and her crew
Yup. Time to fire up the smoker...... for the good of the turf of course.
Remember when duck hunting and coffee did not involve electronics and mobile apps? We are all getting soft. Now get out of my way, I smell extra frothy pumpkin spice on the wind.
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