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Duck Hunting Chat rules for the classifieds. Updated 09/02/2017

We insist that you read all rules before you post an ad or commence in any transaction.

Ads are totally free to individual registered members.

We do not delete ad's once an item is sold. Just update your post or subject line as SOLD.

Buyer/seller beware. Meaning if you do not know who you are buying/trading/selling with, make sure you take appropriate safeguards to protect yourself like getting full name, complete address, phone number, etc… If you send payment via the USPS, it is a federal felony not to honor the transaction once you cash a check or M.O. Make sure you follow up on all transactions like acknowledging you received payment, the goods, etc. Send goods with a "confirmed receipt" that the buyer received it.

Furthermore, you need to send the item in a timely manner and keep communication lines open, especially if an unexpected delay. Not doing so is grounds for being banned from DHC.

Ads must state in the title whether it is "for sale", "wanted", or "for trade". And must clearly state in the ad title what is being listed. For example: "Remington 1187 shotgun for sale".

No multiple posts for the same items, you may "bump" your post as required to keep it fresh

For sale (or for sale/trade) items must clearly state the asking price. No best offers or auctions or similar are allowed. This includes links or posts about auctions. A link to an external site that has the price does not qualify as posting a price.

No Business ads are allowed. If you make, assemble parts, mark up the price, etc. for sale/resale-that is a business under our definition. If you are a business, please become a sponsor to advertise your product or services. Please contact [email protected] to become a sponsor. Sponsors may include a link on their signature to their business website and may sell items/services on the classifieds. NonSponsors may not. This includes dog kennels. (see below)

Firearms. You must abide by all federal, state and local laws and regulations. You may only ship guns to a FFL holder per Federal law.

About dogs/puppies. Those Ads have moved to the Hunting Dog Forum under a Sub forum, just for Dog Ads please post your Ad there. There are rules posted there for posting an Ad.

Land/leases. No land for sale, leases, club memberships, etc. are allowed.

All these rules apply to any State Forum Classifieds section as well.

Agreement to hold harmless By listing an ad or responding to an ad you agree to hold Duck Hunting Chat (DHC), its owners, employees and moderators (know hence forth as "WE") harmless in all transactions and are agreeing to abide by all the rules set forth by DHC. By posting or reading an ad, you are agreeing that WE will NOT be held responsible for the content of any message, the selling, buying, or trading of any item, product, or service. You also agree that in no way will WE be held liable for any transaction at the DHC Classifieds, including but not limited to injury and/or death. By creating a post, or making a transaction, using private mail or email, you are agreeing to these terms. We reserve the right to ban a member, edit or delete any topic or post for any reason that do not follow our rules.
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