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First year hunter want to hunt divers really cavasbacks any tips and were to get nice calls and cheap decoys? :help:
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I wouldn't get calls, as for cheap decoys I would say GHG is your best bet. will have them for close to $60/doz for cans...and they look awesome. Look for food sources when hunting
Don't bother with calls. As for decoys, I would go on to Cabelas website. They have all different brands with a range in prices. Get 2 doz of the diver you see most offten in your area. If its bluebill(scaup), get 2 doz, then once you become more experienced, add on a doz redheads, maybe half a doz buffleheads, maybe a doz canvasbacks.
I would get 3 doz green head gear blue bills, 1 doz cans , and assort red heads , buffies and goldeneyes. Cheeap is not a word in aduck hunters vocabulary!!!

SwampHunter said:
Get the decoys that appeal to you. Get as many decoys as you can afford.
I would suggest the Greenhead Gear decoys in Bluebills and Canvasbacks. If you get Reheads and Ringnecks then add some of those too. Don't be affraid to use puddle ducks too.

As far as calls........ we just use Mallard calls and often purr into them. Of course alot of times Mallard hail calls work wonders on Canvasbacks too. :thumbsup:
as far as i am concerned, those decoys with the ace ancors and the greenhead gear black cord is the best setup for hunting divers. :smile:
Forget those green head gear decoys they dont ride well when its rough. Id go with Herters or G&H , they are spendy but will last you a lifetime.You might find some deasls on them on Ebay. As for decoy rigging for divers the only way to go is longlines Its faster and easier period. Check out for longline snaps they are the best but order some 120 tarred line from a marine supplier for your main line.
are you a member of the refuge forums?? there's a guy on there that lives in canade that makes a diver call.
I am with 10 Ga. DONT BUY THOSE GREENHEAD DECOYS. They do not back their product and I dont think they look as good on the water. They work for a filler if you want to add to your spread. I have 10 doz G&H with only 1 problem with the paint on 6 decoys of the 10 decoys. No questions asked I got a doz in the mail the next week . Great customer service.
How about Toledo Decoys, check them out, they are pricey but will last you forever and Tom is a great guy.Not the most detailed but I promise they are tough as any decoy on the market and they kill ducks
I've been huntin for some time now, and have tryed near all brands of decoys, but the past few years, I find myself buyin more and more carrylites. They really are a good decoy, they hold up surprisingly well. I've had a doz for around 3 seasons now, and haven't had to repaint a one. Just ordered another 2 doz for this season.
cabelas sells a package deal of 2 doz. herters magnum bluebills, bag, long lines, snaps, and weights for $199.99. these are foam body decoys that ride exellent in rough waters, and can take shot without filling with water. not that i make a habit of shooting my decoys but it does happen when they are coming in fast and low.
I use 2dz bluebill,2dzringneck,3dz coot the coot deeks are flambeau and cheap this seems to work for me. The coot deeks are a cheap way to get some quantity on the water.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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