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do diver ducks actually care a bout hunters and boats

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i know a lot of diver duck hunters hunt out of layout boats with great success but i met a guy who hunted chesapeke bay out of a big game sport fishing yacht the outfitter doubles the use of the boat, and the hunters just sit in the fishing deck not wearing any camo and blast away as the ducks come by , i know they set up decoys but still, do diver ducks actually care about hunters and boats?
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The big misunderstanding of Dives is their stupid, their not. The thing to keep in mind is, up where they're hatched it's so remote that they have very little if any contact with humans. They don't know to fear us, but they learn real fast. In a few weeks the St Lawrence will have tons of Old Squaws on it, making their way up North to breed. Their first week on the river, you will be able to drive your boat within a few yards of them before they take off. A few weeks after that and you won't be able to get within a few hundred yards of them before they take off. With experience comes education, even for Divers.
Man,,,goosehunter are you ever right they are. Think about it, a hen Broadbill will nest in the very pond she was hatched in. She makes the flight down south, and then returns to that very pond, with out GPS, maps or pulling over to ask for directions. Now keep in mind, how many thousands of miles are we talking??? Just today I got lost coming home from my daughter house 3hrs away. :rofl:

I'm looking for the guy to hand me my sign :yes:
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