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DOA Game Calls!!

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Hey Everyone,

Just thought I would share a bit of info on some calls I have been learning to use. DOA Game Calls is based out of New Mexico and they really make a nice call. There are quite a few different styles that they offer. I am currently using a brand new model called "The Hedge", this call is hedge wood double reed. I really like the tone it gives and if you need a good timber call, this is the one. Not to mention the expertise in customer service that they have provided. By this I mean that they help you pick the right call. I met with Kevin Herbst, the owner of the DOA, and he made me try at least 5 different calls to see which one of his calls fits my style. I told him I was also wanting an open water call and he suggested his TWC line; that he still has a few of. I always thought that people prefer and stick to either single or double reed but my open water is single and timber is double. I feel like working with DOA guys helped me get a better understanding of how to use my call and which call was going be the best fit for me. The last thing I have to say about DOA Calls is that they are EXTREMELY competitive with pricing as their acrylic calls are $105. The pricing, service, and over-all experience with these guys is great. I would suggest you take a listen to their calls on the DOA's website. Happy hunting everyone!!! :thumbsup:

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