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Dog blind?

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I have pop up blind on my boat, but the a little over half of the front deck is not covered with the blind. there is about 3 feet of open deck that I wanna put my dog at. Question is what would be a good camo idea for her? I have thought about one of those mut huts and even makin a camo top for her but havnt really decided what the best way to approach this yet and was wondering if any of yall would have a better idea.
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If you really need something around your dog you can just build a small enclosure with some camo fab.
but i have the same situation on my boat and i just set my black lab out there with nothing around him. as long as he doesnt move the ducks are never bothered by him. (he does often where a camo vest though) plus he can see better.
it may not be what you want but you might wanna try it?
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