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Dog needs a job

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A few weeks ago i found what i think is a Lab/pointer mix. He was skin and bones when i took him in. Around here alot of people dump dogs, but we still posted signs all around the town. Nuthing. I think he is about 3 years old. I am 15 and i have 2 Rottweilers whom i show in AKC Conformation shows. So ofcoarse i would LOVE to keep him. But he has too much enegy. When i get home i have been having him pull 60 pounds to a feild and letting him run. He runs 15 min staight and still has energy to run. The only time i have seen him fall over tired was when i had him take the 60 pounds to the cow field and we walked in the field for at least 3 hours then had him pull the 60 ounds back home. He is such a sweet dog and has a ton of retrieving ability.
My question is...
Is there a club i could see if they can train him?
What is the BEST thing i could do for this dog. I really want him to be able to do what he loves... run and retrieve.
Let me know your thoughts or if you or know of anyone who has tons of land and would like a GREAT dog. I'm in TN E-mail me for more information on him and some pictures.
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Lets help find a home for this dog. Please do some networking of your friends. Somebody some where is looking for a dog like this in their life. A boy 9 years old or older would make a great team with this dog from the sound of it.
Made some calls I will keep my fingers crossed.
Maybe she could put a picture up? How about Killer Instinct he was looking for a dog.
Thank you sooo much!!! I will make a website of his pictures. I have tons. Most likely i will have it up by Saturday. I have found some clubs around the state and i will contact them to see if they can in any way help me. :) Thanks agian.
yea ill caheck out the website and let you know if you could get me some more info that would be highly appriciated

thanks kyle
O.k. I made him a site it isn't quite done yet.. just need to make the links link to each other... here are the urls. One is just pictures the other is information on the dog. Enjoy. Let me know what ya think.
That's a pretty good looking dog. Somebody should take a look. How does he react to loud noises or have you tried that yet?
I haven't really tried any loud noises, but he is pretty confident. I havn't seen him afraid of anything or nervous. There has been some gun shots in the distance and he perked up looked around then went on about his buisness. Is there anything i can do to test him for loud noises?
you can take a cap gun or starters pistol (shoots 22 blanks) and when you have him up at the pasture running around just pop off a couple of shots. Do this while he is occupied in his normal activity and don't make a big deal out of it you are basically just seeing how he reacts to the noise. With pups I do this when we are out walking and they are playing. I would walk along hold the cap gun slightly behind my back and just fire the gun. Most of the time they never even paid aattention other than to kind of look around to see where the noise came from. I would just continue on my way and basically they fiqured if I didn't think it was a big deal why should they. With an older dog you only need to do this a couple of times to get the reaction. In any case it's important for you to act like this is just another day in the park. Keep us posted.
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Thanks. I don't have a gun.. But i'm sure SOMEONE around here does.. that soundn't be hard. I'll keep ya posted on what happens with that. Thanks a bunch
Kandy I have a solution to this whole thing. Take up bird hunting. Everyone on here will help you with dog training and hunting tips. We can start a hunter scholarship program, I know I have stuff I could donate, to get you equipped and then you'll be hooked like the rest of us an have a good looking dog to boot. Wonder what everyone else thinks.

Kandy im still trying no luck yet though.
thank you so much for helping!!! I have talked to a friend of mine that is the Executive Director at the local shelter and she said she is going to make some phone calls for me. Thank you all for trying so hard. :)

Hunting....?? I don't think i could bring myself to kill anything unless my life depended on it... But thank you so much for all the generosity!!!

Also.. my mom knows a guy who hunts with a guy that has 2,00 somthing acres.. and 15 pointers or somthing... He trains all his dogs. So we are going to talk to him and see if he would be interstead in Buddy. I definatly think that is enough land for him to run! I'll let ya know how that goes.

Thanks for all the help!!!!
He's a fine looking dog and I'm sure everything will work out and you are to be commended as well for not giving up on him. Your parents should be proud of you. Good luck in all you do

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