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This site has a photo album but its being revamped right now,should be back on line soon or so the admin tells me.
Meanwhile I'll explain what else you can do
Try signing up with a web photo hosting site,I,its free and you can down load you photos from you computer and then post them up here from there.
Once you get registered,log on and click on"my gallery", when that comes up then click on "upload".On the page that comes up look for a feature called "browse",its located in a rectangular box on the page.Click on it and it should automatically bring up your photo files from your computer,from there you select a photo you want and click on upload to get it loaded to your gallery.
Once its on your gallery,click on the image and you simply follow the instruction under the image.It should tell you to right click on the line underneath the image with a bunch of computer image jargon on it and then click on "copy" in the box that appears.This stores the image in memory under the mouses control.Next you log on to a site you want to post it up on and using either the reply or new post feature you first type in a message/reply and when you are done you right click again and click on "paste" on the box that appears.This should post the image
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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