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dog training trouble

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I've been trying to get my 1 year old lab to come to me when I call him but lately he has just been running from like I'm trying to play games with him.....Whats the best way to train a dog to come to you when you call him?Would a training collar work good for this?
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hunter, first of all don't chase your dog when he runs from you, if you do your dog will think it is the funnest game in the world. And he will win.

What i would suggest is start putting him on a long lead, maybe 100' long, with a choke chain on the other end. If he starts to get to far away, just step on the rope and tell him "HERE". A few sessions of this for a week or so will definately let him know that "here" means business. Also something i would do at the very same time, would be to turn and walk away in the oposite direction of the dog. This is a good way for your dog to start to follow you around the field. You should be the center of fun for your dog. He should want to follow you.

When i say follow you , i don't mean with his nose in your rear. I have heard it called "eager to please". If your dog runs around in the field without ever checking on where his master is, this dog is not all that eager to please and is mostly out for pleasing himself. (smelling and pissing on things.)

You should get going on this and get it stopped. Because the longer this goes on the less respect your dog will have for you. And once your pup loses respect in you . You won't even be able to teach him to eat.

one other thing on the 100' lead. when your dog gets his obediance down, to where you have a firmer hold on him. You can shorten the rope up. I have a 5' rope that i use everyday with my pooch. but the trick is don't let the dog know that you shortened the rope. he still thinks it is a hundred foot rope. :thumbsup:

On the E collar. an e collar is just a longer rope. You have to start out with the rope and the choke collar in order to teach your dog what you want him to do. After he learns what you want him to do, then you can move on to the E collar.
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Hot dogs or some other super tasty treat usually works great.
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