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I have a 8 month old yellow lab that I have been training but then work got busy and I was working 7-12's on nights and wasn't able to train her as much as I wanted. At first she had awsome drive would always get the dummy and bring it back. But now she looks at me like im stupid and will not go pick it up. But as soon as you get one of her toys she is all over it. What do I do to get her back to liking to train and retrieve for me? I have tried the bird feathers as for I do not have access to live birds and she seems to like them but still will not pick up the dummy that is wrapped in the feathers. She just sits next to it and nibbles on the feathers.
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Thanks for the help. I'm sure I can find some but right now im working nights and its hard to do it right now. I may try later in the year. Im trying my best with what i have, i bought some of the Dokens duck scent with injector and hopfully that will help.
I have yet to start force fetching her. I have not yelled at her for retrieving a dummy just praised her with a "good girl".
She likes the dummy when she is not on the check cord. I just started to make sessions shorter for her and that seemed to help. I will not throw the dummy as much as I did maybe 3-5 times and that has seemed to build up her drive for it. I set it down and she runs over and grabs it for me to throw again but I dont so i dont fall into that same issue. Do you recommend force fetching any way?
The problem I am having with her when she isn't in a check cord is she won't give the dummy back and wants to run around. I don't want her doing this while we hunt.
1 - 5 of 11 Posts
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