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I have a 8 month old yellow lab that I have been training but then work got busy and I was working 7-12's on nights and wasn't able to train her as much as I wanted. At first she had awsome drive would always get the dummy and bring it back. But now she looks at me like im stupid and will not go pick it up. But as soon as you get one of her toys she is all over it. What do I do to get her back to liking to train and retrieve for me? I have tried the bird feathers as for I do not have access to live birds and she seems to like them but still will not pick up the dummy that is wrapped in the feathers. She just sits next to it and nibbles on the feathers.
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You will probably need to get a couple of live birds at this point. Clipped wing pigeons work great if you have access. Put them on a string attached to a pole. They should be able to fly just enough to jump from your pup. I f you don't have the time you may have to go to a trainer.
I have used the Dokens w/ duck scent for years. Haven't used canvas dummies since the Dokens came out. Start puppies w/ the teal Dokens and move up. Drill a couple of holes on each side 1/8" and inject the scent. I would agree w/ another member. I think your dog has had a bad experience with a dummy. Wife, kids, etc.?? Dog didn't do what someone thought it should and they smacked it in the head w/ the dummy ?? Sometimes it doesn't take much. Once one of my dogs enters the formal training stage the wife and kids (back then) are not allowed to use any of my training tools with the dogs. Take them for a walk, play w/ a tennis ball etc., but I am the trainer. They do not try to physically discipline the dog in any way shape or form !!! When you get the time and can use some live birds I think you may solve the problem. If not you may have to teach her to "Force Fetch" or send her to someone to have it done.
Just my opinion but I have a lot of time to work w/ my dog. Force retrieving has both good and bad (maybe not bad) but I don't like it. A lot of force fetch trained dogs look like machines. I don't want a machine dog. Mine are house broke, love to retrieve and are family members even though they spend most nights in the kennel. I live in the country so most of the time when I'm home they run lose w/me. If I'm not there they are in the kennel. Force retrieving is probably great for you if you can't spend a lot of time on it.
I think doing the 3-5 fetches then just playing will help a lot. Pro trainers talk about "fun dummies". After you have done the 3-5 actual training dummies just throw 2 or 3 for fun. Don't make her sit or anything just throw and let her chase. When she brings it back don't do anything formal, just take the dummy and praise her and throw again if she acts like she wants to chase.
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