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Dog Truck with Dog inside Stolen in TX

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I don't know if anyone of you visit or the refuge but I saw this post on there and can't help but cross post this. This is absolutely disgusting and I hope they string these guys up by their nuts once they are found.

Please, everyone keep your eyes peeled. A client Steve Karr, and fellow RTF member had his brand new truck, and dog box with dog inside stolen yesterday at Wal-mart. We're all heart sick. Here's the notice that's going out on the web! Please forward it to any e-mail list that can help.

Keep Steve, his daughter Riley and most of all "Maggie" in your prayers!


Friday, July 1, Steve Karr's new charcoal gray Ford F250 truck was stolen from the Wal-Mart parking lot in Rockwall, TX. It has a 3 hole Burns stainless steel dog box in the back. His black field-trial lab bitch, Maggie, was in the box. If you see this truck, please call 911 and have them check on the dog! Then contact Steve Karr at 214-681-0570.

At this time, I do not know whether the truck had dealer tags or a regular license.

Maggie is a three year old black female lab. She is a finer built field type lab weighing about 70 to 75 pounds with slightly wavy hair on her back. She has been running in the amateur and open stakes at field trials. She is microchipped.

Please forward this email to as many lists and people as might be able to help, especially in the Dallas area. I will try to send on additional information as I get it - especially the license number of the truck.

Jacquelyn Taylor
[email protected]
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Thats a shame and real sorry to hear about it. I'll cut and paste it on some other sites. good luck and keep us posted
I hate to say it but if they were after the truck the dog and box were probably thrown off in a ditch some where. Dang theives they really gotta change the laws on punnishments for all criminals and to follow thru with them. :pissed:
Quackcephus said:
Get a rope... :pissed:
Been readin about this on another site. I guess that the local news did a story on it yesterday. I will copy the story and some of the feed back and post it. It will surely burn you guys up. It has to do with Wal-Mart again.
The following is some talk on another forum about the wamart thing i mentioned.

... did you listen to the same Fox news report that I thought I did? The Walmart manager said they were too busy the day of the theft to allow Steve or the police to view the surveillance tapes ... even though police arrived within minutes after being called. The tape wasn't reviewed until the next morning.

WORSE YET ... the tape DID show the bad guys pulling up next to Steve's truck in a red truck, break into and steal Steve's, leaving the red truck there. GET THIS ... they (assume it was them) RETURNED two hours later and retrieved their red truck!!!

The police had already been to the scene and if they had been shown the surveillance tape by the too-busy-manager ... they could have been waiting for and nabbed the bad guys when they came back.

I know it's misdirected anger but ... the gross apathy, lack of aid and negligence by that Walmart manager makes the corporation liable for his acts as its agen, IMO. I'll bet Steve's insurance company will see it the same way and make a demand accordingly.

I went to the Walmart site and found this contact information: ... tactUs.jsp

Perhaps a massive email campaign accompanied by no business from the dog community???

It would be helpful to have the address of the store involved???

I have thought about this situation and about Maggie all weekend. We just returned home from our cross country trip. We bought our dog box to be sure that our dogs are safe from I realize that there are big time sleezes out there that have absolutely no conscience (this includes the unresponsive Walmart manager).

I was sooooo pissed I couldn't post for awhile...... I got the "heads up" this morning.

Everyone,,,,,,,, get your favorite poisen pen, and let'r rip.....

Mr. Walton, here we come.......

I admit that I would like to raise hell with the Wal-mart mgr and the police for not forcing the issue , but will it really help? The real issue is finding Maggie! After she is found and back home we should do something. Start with trying to educate people about our dogs. Sad but true is the fact that most people think of them as "just a dog". They feel that they can be replaced at the drop of a hat. The general public has no clue as to the time, energy and expence that goes into a field trail dog, not to mention the monatary value of the dog. I get calls on pups from people wanting a pet or hunting dog and get angry when I tell them the price of a pup. I get the " I can get a lab for a $100!!" Well that just my 2 cents worth.
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Any news on the missing dog?
I understand the pup and the truck were recoverd and all are fine.
:help: Was the rest of this thread deleted or moved cause I know there was more to it than this.
:oops: I found it under Dog Found and Back With Owners :oops:

nice to hear such a good ending to a terrible story.
I started a new thread because i wanted people to see it. :hammering:

Dog is back home and safe.
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