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Got out this morning with Dog....he saved a skunker with a drake mallard....actually we had alot of action, but no finishing birds other than a Black --- and I wiffed. Actually Mike had a flock of approx 30 birds pitch in....of course while I was a good 300 feet away at the's what about 9 and seeing alot of birds flyby I decided to reset the blocks, especially the geese that were now in I go to the boat and motor up to re do the set-up....I just finshed the goose floaters and look over to see Mike looking up....sure enough, there were four or five groups of four or I punched the throttle and blew out the ice near the puddlers and raced back to the cover....well, the sky openned up with ducks and we worked a pair of flocks each apprx 40 birds....they circled, went away, we 'blasted' on the calls and turned them two times and then one group pitched right in on top if Mike....feathers flew and a drake dropped around the corner....Silo took care of that! Saw alot of geese too, all while I was with the boat and my gun was up on the make this a short version...I finally got my gun and headed back to our hide....and what happens? A black just floats on in and I wiff on the easiest shot I've had i quite awhile! Silo's look had alot to say!!!

Anyways, we just barely made it out of the launch....another close call...two times in a row.

Thanks Dogman for a very enjoyable morning....hope to have you join me again soon!
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