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Try this to work with your dog on doing double retrieve's. When you get your sit, stay, and retrieving down, throw two dummies(or whatever you want I use tennis balls) normally the dog starting out will go pick up the one then run to the other and see wich one he wants to bring you first, then you hope he get's the other one for you, if he know's hand signal's or to be sent for it. Try making the dog sit at your side throw your dummie on the one side of you, then toss your other on totally opposite of the other. What this doe's is your dog will go to get the dummie, pick it up, but he has to come back by you in order for him to go after the other. I feel lucky my dog picked up on this very easily, other dog's I have worked with though were a little more thick in the head, I found it will help if you do in water also, they feel like they have to come back to shore before they go after the object, in my experience.
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