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Don Edwards area duck/goose hunting tips

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Has anyone hunted ducks/geese in the Don Edwards wildlife area? I'm particularly interested in info related to hunting on the western side of the SF Bay.

Any tips for hunting Alviso Slough, Guadelupe Slough, or other parts of this area on foot?

How does hunting in the Ravenswood unit compare to hunting in the sloughs mentioned above?

I've heard that you can bring a boad into the area before the season starts to hunt the duck ponds. Has anyone done this? Tips?

Any suggestions on how to hunt Bair Island with a boat?


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I've been in there a few times to check it out, but not shot anything. The ducks are mostly divers, and the mud is extremely treacherous. You can easily get stuck in it and if you're still there when the tide comes in you're dead.

If you go in there, I'd recommend taking either a dog or a boat to retrieve any ducks you get. And take a cell phone in a pocket high up, just in case. :)
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