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Went out on Sunday for some puddler/diver combo. Well it was pretty slow and we only had 2 in the bag by 9.30. So I went to take the boat out to check on some other spots. When I get back My brother tells me he doubled on a drake/hen mallard and the Drake had two bands. One reg. and the other a 10 $$$ reward band. He also told me that he crippled a PRIME drake Greater Scaup. So we went to look for it and there it is on the bank. He goes and about 5 yards from it, it hops up into the water. He coulda taken a 3 yd. cripple shot but seein that it was a Greater and a Big Prime Drake he didnt want 2. We ended up losin it. So,So day. Heading out on Monday for Puddlers in da mornin and BlueBills/G-Eyes in da afternoon. I'm Outty
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