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Did Athlon mention anything about country of manufacture and/ or marketing tactics?

I recently bought some Athlon scope rings and was pretty let down... well maybe not let down as the rings look good and function as they should. But I felt slighted by their packaging. They proudly display "USA Company" under an American flag logo on the front of their packaging. I couldn't find any country of manufacturing labeling anywhere on the exterior packaging at a quick glance. But I cracked the package open to mount the rings and low and behold, hidden behind a cleverly placed Torx wrench bubble in the packaging to hide it from view when the package is unopened was "Made In China." I'm not against an American company getting products made overseas as that's how a global economy works, but the effort that went into hiding the labeling and yet so proudly displaying that they are a "USA Company" on the front as to fool unsuspecting buyers into thinking they are getting an American made product just feels scummy.

And for that sleaziness I do not think I will be purchasing anything more from them. Had they been more upfront about it and not trying to hide it, I wouldn't have cared.
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