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Dove fields

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What kind of fields do you hunt?
Disked or tilled630.00%
Cow pasture210.00%
Fields with ponds420.00%
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Lets see what are the most popular fields to hunt.
We always try to hunt planted fields.
Ive never been (YET :smile: ), so I didnt vote. But I am interested to see what the results of the pole are!

Make sure to tell us wheather you are successful in your area or not, so I know where, and where not to hunt!!! :thumbsup:

I hunt doves a lot down in Mo. around Sikeston. We are lucky enough to lease some land that is a watermellon field that is inbetween the pines where they roost and a sunflower field where they feed. We do hunt the sunflower field if it is open, but it is usually full. When the birds stop flying the old watermellons do explode nicely.
We hunt them in the desert. Most of the time we really don't hunt feilds per say. water is scarce and they need it so... We hunt water holes and perching places like tree lines or old dieing shelterbelts. I have killed them in harvested wheat fields, and safflower fields quite often to.

We hunt over alot of tilled sunflower fields around here :yes:
Best dove hunts i've been on were in cow pasture's with windmill run offs that made little ponds. Got lots of nice groups of doves to come into those.
around here it's planted fields. the particular area i live in most of the agricultural practicing (corn, beans, etc.) is for grain feed stuff and they leave them on the stalk for quite a long time. especially corn! sunflower is very popular too though. i am in a club and we'll slaughter them for most of all three seasons. this year will be a good year to. we have had good water and the crops are coming along nicely. we have plenty of them here, that is for sure...i just wish we had the ducks in those numbers.
In Oklahoma we usually hunt ponds and stuff like that and we always do great. Milo fields are also very effective on dove down here though.
Come on guys I know there are more guys then this that dove hunt. POST UP!
Mostly over planted fields. Millet, sunflowers, milo, sorgum. I have also killed a few birds around ponds and in clear cuts where they were feeding on polk berries.
That is what I hunt after the season has started gahunter.
I usually hunt sunflower fields or silage fields that have been cut. Or I'll hang out by a pond cuz they got to have water eventually.
One of the best dove hunts i've had was in a watermelon field surrounded by corn fields (4 of us shot our limits within in 2 hours)??? I don't if it was the field or the fact it had the only large tree in the area. We mainly hunt tree lines (here in Colorado trees can be few and far between usually only around rivers or lakes) and natural sunflower fields in the praire areas.
I hunt every were but usally try to stay around small pound.
i hunt in some cow pasture full of wild "feral hemp" grows as weed around here, cant smoke it, but them doves love them seeds
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