MENS XL Drake EQWDR 3 in 1 Wader Coat.
I bought this for myself in January of this year at an expo. The guy behind me put his jacket on the counter next to mine (we bought the same jackets.) The clerk mixed ours up as I was buying a medium and the guy behind me was buying an XL. The cashier stuffed it into a bag, I paid and left. I got home and opened the bag to find I had a jacket that was way too big for me. I immediately called the vendor and asked for an even exchange, they did search a few stores to see if they had another medium but they did not. I asked if I could return it and they said they wouldn't take anything back from an Expo event. That all sales made that weekend were final. So, I'm out of luck. Posted it on FB marketplace got a couple wanna be scammers and now I'm here. I am willing to negotiate price, no low balling please. I'm just trying to get back what I paid for it. Thanks!