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duck boat prefrence

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Ok, If you were going to order a new boat for river/lake hunting what would you get 16-18'? bottom width? tiller/side consol? jet? hp? brand? feed back please. And no Im not moving to MT and I dont want to know your honey holes, I just know you guys use boats there and I am thinking of getting one for down here. Thanks
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Depends on the river. Deep or weedy rivers-outboard or mud motor, Shallow fast rocky rivers go with a jet. Size of the boat and hp going to depend on the river and how many guys, dogs and gear you have.
Also the more lake time you spend the less you want a jet. You will be cleaning crap out of the intake all the time. I am always having to lift the motor and clean the jet grates cause it sucked up a clump of weeds, moss etc. If most of the time is on shallow rivers then a jet is better cause youll be eating props otherwise.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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