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Duck Calling Audio Files

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Hey All,

Here are the much anticipated audio files from your fellow DHC'ers working their duck calls. They are up here for critiquing and general comments. Just follow the link below. If you want to participate, the instructions are on the page or you can just email me with the audio file, name of the call, and type of call you have provided. I think everyone will find this enjoyable.

There are 2 on there so far and by the sound of it, I am way outta my league...these boys can call really good. Thanks for being the guinea pigs on this frazier2209 and bret! (Y'all both sound great in my book! :thumbsup: )

NOTE: The site/forum rules apply here as much, if not more, about insulting/bashing/etc. Critcism is a good thing, as long as it stays constructive. If this becomes a problem, I will not hesitate to pull this link.
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I am way outta my league
I would have to agree to that statement, I think I only have about three of those notes in my arsinal.

How do you to expect the rest of us to put our sound bytes on there after listening to that :mrgreen: :mrgreen: Both sound very good I hope one day I can make a few calls that sound alittle bit like that.
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