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duck calls

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im new to duck hunting and wanted to know if duck calls are really necessary.if so which calls will i need for south fl how many calls should i bring with when i go hunting .are duck calls more important than duck decoys.thanks :thumbsup:
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(SC, your off the hook. i got to use it again... :salude: )
duckbuster said:
if ur looking for some cheap duck calls pm me i have three that are easy to blow and i have been trying to get rid of but know one is looking for begginer calls.
post 'em up in the classifieds. i am sure someone might want to add to their collection...
it never hurts to bump them periodically. especially as many new members as we take on. it's pretty tough to go through every post in every forum here so keeping things visible is the key. this isn't to say that you'll sell them if you bump them everyday, but it doesn't hurt for them to be at the top of the list. good luck.
SCoutdoorsman said:
shrp wil buy them :mrgreen:
funny you say that. my collection has been growing daily lately. i need to put a post up about the new SGC call i got this week. man o man...
SCoutdoorsman said:
good to hear all I have gotten new is all this new stuff the wife has gotten for the house stove, lights, ceiling fans when will it ever stop :mrgreen:
this is entirely too funny. i can't believe you actually posted this. my wife found out that i got 2 new calls, (1 hasn't arrived yet, got from ebay) and this weekend my chores were to:

1) hang new spice racks in the pantry.
2) fix electrical socket on a lamp for my 6 y/o daughter
3) assemble a new chest of drawers for previously mentioned 6 y/o
4) assemble new night stand/end table
5) seal and paint new furniture.
6) confirmed order from the furniture store for a new dining room table, 4 chairs, and baker's rack for the breakfast.

i got to thinking about it last night during the final touches of furniture assembly and those 2 duck calls cost me a fortune... :smile:
1 - 5 of 17 Posts
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