A duck hunter in Canada's Yukon Territories came across a bone from a long-extinct woolly mammoth.

According to a report on CBC.ca, Robert Kyikavichik was out hunting for ducks with his son and his nephew on the Crow River in northern Yukon when saw the bone sticking up out of the water.

The last woolly mammoths lived in the Yukon 11,000 years ago, but it's possible Kyikavichik's discovery of a femur bone is much older than that - perhaps up to a million years old.


The woolly mammoth femur is in remarkably good shape, considering its age.

"We don't usually find complete bones in that area because they've been rolling around in a river and getting banged up by rocks and other things," paleontologist Grant Zazula told CBC.ca "So to find something fairly complete like that is pretty nice."