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i live 20 mins just south of toledo in bowling green. we have in the last five days killed ten mallard and four or five geese. we have a couple hundred ducks flyin around, but they come in with only a few minutes lleft in shooting time. they all split up in the morning then the come back together in the evenin by a group of ponds. we have been puttin up robo ducks in our goose spread. the geese have moved north and south but there are still three hundred or so left in town. we have permission to hunt in fields north and south of here. i live in the dorms at bgsu and our thanksgivin break is next week starting wed so im hunting everyday. our season closes during deer gun season and opens back up after the season closes. today we had fifty or so mallard come in but we were setup too far away from the robos b/cc the geese are weary about our decoys so we setup where the fly by. a few ducks landed and i ended up blastin a few goose shells but we got the ducks. there are a few spots on the maumee for duck hunting ive heard those are hotspots to be and produce alot also. soo far this season weve killed sixty birds 30 geese and 30 duck unfortunatley no bands. we have migration geese becasue they are a lot bigger than our resident. heres my email if u want more info. [email protected].
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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