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I found myself doing a lot of walk-in hunts this year.

I was visited by the Good Idea Fairy who told me I should by a vest that holds shotgun shells so I keep them high up out of the water (salt water).

Does anyone use a vest like the McAlister vest that Drake Waterfowl sells?

The Good Idea Fairy can be very persuasive but I do not trust her.


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You'll never know if it's a good idea for you until you try it.

I bought a McAllister (target) shooting vest about 15 years ago. It started coming apart at the seams in about 10 weeks. It now has more repair thread in it (that I've sewn on) than original thread. That was my first McAllister product. It is also my last McAllister product.
Perhaps they've improved their quality over the last decade...
I sure hope so.
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