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Last Month I polled a question about duck hunting at Carters Lake. I got no replies. I guess no body hunts there, or nobody cares. So being new to north Georgia I has no idea as to what was in store for me hunting there. I went on a blind scouting trip, and was pleased with my findings. In the past few weeks I have killed some ducks and some geese. Hunting there is hit or miss, but almost every time I go to my honey-hole I see waterfowl, and it is up to me to finish the job. I am used to hunting in Scottsboro Alabama where you see hundreds of ducks every hunt, but 90 percent of what you see are coots. Where I have been hunting I have seen several mergansers, but also a lot of wood ducks and mallards. If I had the choice I would travel to find more ducks, but i don't have the time nor the money, so for now I am happy just to be able to watch waterfowl, and know that with a little luck I may bring some home.
I am also recently joined Ducks Unlimited and are wandering if there is a north Georgia chapter.
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