Free Duck Hunting Games

Free Duck Hunting Games to Download & Play Online

Over the years there have been many free duck hunting games that have come online and of course some bootlegged duck hunting games for other players. Some of these are games for your PC, others are built to download free duck hunting games. The 2 most popular online duck hunting games have been Browning Duck Hunter & Ultimate Duck Hunting. While it's not nearly close to the excitement in the blind, it does help pass the time when you're away from waterfowl.
Free Duck Hunting Games
Duck Hunting Game

Online duck hunting games are popular worldwide, many who aren't duck hunters
Browning Duck Hunter

Browning Duck Hunter has been around for awhile. This duck hunting game provides a lot of duck hunting action, and can be very addictive (well, isn't waterfowl hunting?) This free duck hunting game gives you the choice at four hunting locations, and you can pick from up to four species of ducks.

The game treats you a little like a duck hunting guide, where you need to hunt for money. You start with $15.00, which you use to purchase your license and shells. From there you build up your bank to buy more equipment. The more ducks you shoot, the more money you make to buy calls, decoys, more guns, etc. And the ultimate goal of this duck hunting game is to get into the Millionaire's Club. This is the honey hole where you'll see more ducks and get the chance to shoot more. Kind of like a world without bag limits and diminishing duck populations.

You'll want to practice some constraint as the object is to shoot drakes, not hens. Shoot the wrong duck species and you'll be penalized with a fine and a loss of guns and waterfowl equipment.

Duck Hunting Game
Free Duck Hunting Game

This has been one of the more popular duck hunting games to play online.
U. Duck Hunting took the world of free duck hunting games a step further by introducing 3D technology. This duck hunting game features both single and mulitplayer capabilities. You and your hunting dog compete with with others for ducks in known North American hunting areas. This game gives you the option of hunting accessories, dog training, and improved aim accuracy which drives your sucess. You'll find yourself hunting in a bluebird skies to the nastiest of storms. And no matter the conditions, you'll want to drive your lab or other hunting dog to the downed bird.

There is going to be more PC duck hunting game software coming up in the future...we'll report on them then.

If you get tired of these two games, you can always play poker or some other classic card game.