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Duck Hunting videos?

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are most duck hunting videos too boring???
I watch them for the music00.00%
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It has always ticked me off when someone goes out of the country to film a hunt and then can't take afew seconds to show off the trophy. I like the kill shot but I've seen a billion birds die on film. I like to see new places and new birds once in awhile. Lets face it, North of the US might be easy footage especially on pre-pubescent geese, but it gets old fast. I enjoy seeing timber and rice field hunts but, WOW they are on every DVD and I have over 3 dozen dvds! Show me something new, show off the birds alittle bit, or I won't buy the show.
All that being said, you guys should check out the Ducks, Dogs & Decoys DVD. Capt. Coats did a great job getting alittle bit of everything on there. Something for decoys guys, dog trainers and lots of birds, especially some incredible footage of rare divers in action. And this is a guy who appreciates a bird in the hand-every detail. The 2 dvd's in one set is well worth the money!....and no I'm not on the payroll.
--Yes he's the guy who puts on the amazing photos...
Haven't seen any of the Zink crew dvd's mentioned... There is some really good footage and they do kill alot of stuff. Since I have the movies on while I work on taxidermy I also enjoy seeing some of what goes into the decoy and video making business-somebody else's business! And my wife will sit and watch, although I don't know why...
1 - 4 of 19 Posts
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