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Real easy to make.

Cube up 2 Mallard breasts or 4 smaller teal breasts. Throw them into a fry pan with olive oil to brown them good (no red color inside). Basically you are cooking then before you add it to the omlett.

While they are browning throw 3 eggs into the blender and mix em up good, hint - add a teaspoon of water to the eggs-it makes them fluffier. Pour he eggs into the skillet pan, wait about 2 minutes (the eggs should 1/2 cooked and then add the browned breats into the pan on 1/2 of the pan. Add cheese and what ever veggies you like and cover for a minute. flip the 1/2 over on top of the other and then serve it on your plate. Hash browns are a real good side dish too. Also you can add the veggies to the meat 1 minute before you add it to the eggs to heat them up good.

And I like to soak the breasts in marinade sauce to the breasts the night before, it adds a nice flavor to them, especailly geese.

I tell you 1 thing--it is sure fire way to eat 1 or 2 ducks per day per person to keep you with in the law of your possession limit. I have at least 2 duck omletts a week during the season-if not more depending on how often I go hunting and success of bagging them. Heck the duck omletts is the preferred way for me to cook them--real easy to do.

Oh and goose breasts work too :thumbsup:
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