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Duck Totals for 2004-05

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Which duck/goose did you kill the most of?
Wood Duck00.00%
Canada Goose110.00%
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Since duck season is over and I am still missing it? Which species of waterfowl did you guys shoot the most of this year?
I'm gonna have to go with Other. we killed so many divers this year it ain't funny. Bluebills and ringnecks mostly. My second total is gonna have to be woodies. Opening and closing day we limited out on them little boogers.
Nobody in TN killed ducks this past year? Where is everybody especially my sidekick quack?
I have been away from home for the past couple of day's so I just seen your poll . Opening day was the same for us to. Alot of woodies.
I'm still here. Just been pretty busy lately. I voted other because of all the hunts I went on this year, we probably killed more pintails than anything else. There were a few days where we limited out on pintails and never saw another species the whole day. The second most killed duck was probably mallards or woodies.
Canada Goose!!!
we killed mostly mallards and a lot of teal also. gadwalls and woodies too. in al we killed between 500 and 600 ducks with the most being mallards. it was better than the past year. i hope we have a better one this year. opening day we didn't even count what we had until the game warden came and counted them for us. he said we were doing a lot better than most of the guys in the bottom where we hunt and stayed and watched us have some more fun for a while. everytime he would get ready to leave more ducks would come in.... we told him to grab a gun a start shootin if he wanted and boy he wanted too real bad but he didn't. we ended up with 54 ducks the first day. and we did better the second day. we did real good for two weeks straight and then didn't see any for a while so we went to the other place we hunt and killed a few there and when the ice came we had to go to the big river to hunt then killed a few there also. we hunt right in the middle of TB near dyersburg.
Tigrett Bottoms?

Where you from? I'm from Dyersburg myself.
i'm from jackson. yeah the T.B. is tigrett bottoms. do you hunt there much. been hunting there many years now. we hunt a small spot just off the wma. off the middle fork. give me a shout this season and we will hook up on some birds.
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