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Duck water boats

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Posted this on another board, but does anyone own a Duck Water boat? They look sweet, and Ive been doing a little research on them. Just trying to get some fellow duck hunter's opinions. Thanks boys!
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What do you need to know?, I have one they are in a work excellent

jehler, I have the stealth 17 footer, its been excellent, V. good in rough water, takes very little water over the bow.The blind is also very good . I dont have experience with the 25 footer, butI have seen one and spoke to someone one that rode in one, (not a owner , a client of a guide), he wished he could get one.
The welds are excellent as far as I can see.
I bought this boat as a long term investment, I am not the best at
babying a boat I am the rough and ready type, this is also a reason I choose this boat.

Jehler his name is Reilly McCue in Mass. His phone is 802-233-6621.

1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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